What We Do

At BrandingMe, we will help YOU discover your value and achieve your career or entrepreneurial goals.

Using the <6><6> tool kit by Dan Roam, the best-selling author of The Back of The Napkin, we will guide and empower you to reflect and chart your career/business. With our unique visual thinking approach, taking charge of your career/business will help you stand out from the crowd.

Our training and support services will prepare and assist you in charting YOUR career or business direction to achieve your full potential.

Build a brand that you will be proud to call your own!

Our Programmes

Plan and chart your future.
Don’t just let it happen.

Career AxisTM

Your journey begins by finding WHO you are – your skills, your passion, your experiences, your dreams, and your goals. Finding who you are will help you know WHAT you are cut for.

HOW MUCH time would you devote on laying the bricks for your sought after career? Set your priorities carefully.

WHERE are you now sets you on the path towards your career of choice.

To embrace the WHEN, an action plan clearly details the steps to take and the time to complete them.

HOW are you going to your destination? Revisit your abilities and opportunities to define your next move.

Discovering your value will help you reposition yourself. The WHY is your motivation to build your BRAND EQUITY.

Start-up AxisTM

Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs, Start-up AxisTM is the programme for you!

Featuring the <6><6> framework created by Dan Roam, the international best-seller of The Back of The Napkin, we will take you on a step-up-step journey to brainstorm and create a business you will be proud to call your own.

Find out WHO you are, your target markets and WHAT products and services you will be offering.

HOW MUCH determines your start-up costs, projected revenue and working capital required.

WHERE in the market do you want to position yourself?

The WHEN indicates your timeline, detailing the steps to take and when to complete.

HOW then, can you ensure that you will succeed?

Ultimately, the WHY is your motivation - the value you offer.

World of Work

Programmes to enhance the employability of graduating students in their career of choice.

Career AxisTM
Video Resume
Networking for Career Success
SOARTM - Joining the Corporate
Be Your Own Boss
Starting Right
The Challenge Ahead
Creativity & Innovation at Work
Problem Solving Skills
Analyst Trainee Program

World of Business

Programmes to assist aspirant entrepreneurs who are seriously thinking of going into business.

Start-up AxisTM

Starter Kit
It's Time to Be Your Own Boss
Thinking Up a Business
Getting Started

Looking for a Business
Money Matters
Legal & Regulatory Matters
Marketing & Sales
People Matters
Developing the Business Plan

Resources & Support Centre

The Resource & Support Centre will assist you with advisory and support services in your job search or in starting a small business. It will also provide you with the opportunity to network among yourselves and share leads and other useful information.

Our Team

Goh Ai Yat
Brand Storyteller


Ai Yat is a trainer, a storyteller, an artist, and an entrepreneur. A former senior banker and the managing consultant of SBF Group of Consulting Companies, she advocates for agility at work and in business to succeed in an ever-changing environment. She uses stories based on personal experiences in her work as a trainer to teach business lessons and to mentor others in their career. Her stories inspire and motivate people to invest in their self-development to stay relevant in business and work environments.

Tai Ling Ling
Brand Coach


Ling Ling is a trainer, coach, learning designer, and podcaster. She believes that lifelong learning is the key to personal growth and well-being. Since 2004, she has created and delivered a wide-range of programs from technical to business skills. Her dynamic experiences have impacted the lives of audiences across America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. She also hosts a podcast series – Leaders of Learning, exploring challenges, trends, and insights in the learning industry.

Tricia Kong
Brand Evangelist


Tricia Kong is the Associate Consultant of SBF Group of Companies. Tricia is an ACTA certified facilitator and brand evangelist of Brandingme. She is the licensed trainer for the Visual Decoder™. She is passionate about impacting lives through laughter and stories. Involved in the development and conducting of Career Axis™ workshops, she also coaches and advises students from resume writing to planning their career of choice.

Michelle Lim
Brand Designer


A multi-disciplinary designer, Michelle’s passion lies in designing experiences and exploring cultures. She has since worked for independent studios in London and Singapore to help conceptualize brand and exhibition narratives. Her time in Beijing allowed her the opportunity to act as a visual director for Pandora Magazine. Empathetic, multi-sensory design is a fundamental facet in her practice - an ideal represented in her passion project investigating how to unpack and communicate the experience of families tackling Alzheimer's. Essentially, her practice aims to sit within the intersection of intelligent and visually receptive design.

SH Goh
Brand Architect


An electrical engineer by training, SH has been in engineering management for most of his career in the memory semiconductor manufacturing industry. Started in product engineering, he has worked in failure analysis, joint venture startup team and recently headed the metrology & big data organizaton under quality engineering. Other responsibilities included site ESD coordinator and is a certified ESD engineer. His strength is in methods and problem solving and has worked on getting solutions in place via software and systems. He continues to learn, unlearn, and relearn to bring new methods and solutions to the group.

Aurelia L. Castro
Brand Ambassador

The Philippines

A former journalist, Aurelia tells stories through words, photographs, and videos. Trained by the Center for Digital Storytelling (USA) as a digital storytelling facilitator, she co-founded Digital Storytelling Asia and facilitated workshops in Singapore, Philippines, and USA. Her job has taken her to other places like Kenya, Japan, London, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, and more. She captures and tells people’s stories – CEOs, community leaders and workers, artists, a beauty queen, educators, retirees, young professionals, students, slum kids, ballet dancers, business people, and more.

Lim Chow Tiong (CT)
Brand Ambassador


A Managing Partner with the SBF Group of Consulting Companies, CT has held various finance portfolios that covered retail to corporate banking before he joined the manufacturing sector. An excellent communicator, he is passionate in the areas of general management, leadership, business ethics, among others. He focuses on working with college students, young working adults, and pre-retirees in enhancing their pre, in, and post career experiences.

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